Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slight Digression .. But I'm Back on Track

So, last night wasn't too awful, actually. I ate the tiniest piece of cake ever and had Raspberry Absolut mixed with Diet Coke. Which was not awful. Could've been better. And I really shouldn't drink anyway.
Today, however, was not a good day. I wasn't feeling well in the morning, most likely because I drank some and I woke up kind of late for work because of the time change. So no breakfast at home. I had to resort to Mac and Cheese at work. Then I ate a bag of pretzels and a slice of pizza for lunch. That I am not at all proud of. Upon coming home, I ate one of these sweet things that my mom brought home for Purim (it's a Jewish holiday and you're supposed to eat this cute little cookie; cute, of course, until it makes you fat).
But I went upstairs, readjusted my priorities and am now successfully back on track. I'm going to go out right now and buy some good, healthy food so that I can be good the rest of the week. And I'm also going to go on the treadmill for forty five minutes. This used to be my problem. I'd get off track and then I'd just stop. But I'm just not going to let that happen anymore.
In good news, I was on my feet, constantly moving all day. That and I got on the scale this morning. 215 pounds. That's two less than Monday. Yay! Here's to losing more than 2 pounds next week.
Thank you all for your great advice. And I wish I would've read one of your posts earlier, because then I probably would've had less of a crappy eating day today. Hangover=Bad. But, what's done is done. No going back. Now I'll just have to make up for it.


May said...

"I'd get off track and then I'd just stop. But I'm just not going to let that happen anymore."

Well said! Thats what used to happen to me but I am slowly taking control back