Sunday, April 26, 2009

Damn You, KFC

So I ate KFC today. Never, never again. This always happens when I go to work. I have less than a half hour break and I just go wherever. And seventeen points happen. That's more than half of what I usually eat in a day. So from now on, I am getting up earlier and making myself lunch on Sundays. No more of this nonsense. I will not conform to greasy foods that leave me hungry!
Lol, ok. Well, basically, I'm not going to beat myself up over that, because I had an awesome week and a pretty good day other than that one faux-pas.
Nothing much to report and I've gotta go to sleep. Maybe I'll update more later.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Die Vampire Die

Hey there. So let's get this out of the way. The song of the day today is....(drumroll, please!)

Die, Vampire, Die- [Title of Show]
Yes, the theatre dork in me has come out and I am giving you a song from a musical. It's a great song. It's about people that tell you that you can't do something. The whole show is pretty good so if you ever have any extra time, download the soundtrack. It's a musical about two guys writing a musical. I know, clever.
So here's the link:

So, about my day. I cheated a little bit. BUT I tracked it. So I don't feel guilty. I ate a small slice of thin-crust pizza and half a serving of french fries. It's not ideal, but I wrote it down and still managed to stay within 29 points. And I'm not going to beat myself up about that. I also did a little bit of extra walking today to work it off at least a tiny bit.
I kind of had to do it. Life gets in the way. A friend was upset and wanted to go out for pizza. What could I possibly have said? But I don't feel guilty. Which is great.
Other than that, my mom bought me fat free milk, which is supposed to be both filling and only 2 points. Wonder how it tastes...Hm. Hope it goes good with my cereal tomorrow morning.
I ate a yogurt for snack instead of pretzels or chips today, which was good.
Oh. I also made the WW recipe for garlic chicken and brown rice. Wow. So good. And it really took about 20 minutes and that's because I'm retarded at mincing garlic and I decided to wear latex gloves so that I don't smell like garlic for the next three days like last time. But it was really good, pretty easy to make and only 7 points. Then for dinner I had a Shrimp Alfredo Lean Cuisine. I'm really loving Lean Cuisine right now. It tells me how many points I'm eating and it's easy as hell to make. It makes my life a lot easier and it's pretty good for me. My mom also bought me beef w/ broccoli and rice and I think there's some pizza in store for me too.
I need to look up how many points certain sushi rolls are. Because, for anyone who knows me, I LOVE sushi. And I'm not going to cut it out of my diet. I haven't eaten a lot of bread lately (other than the pizza obviously) which is also good.
Tomorrow I have an interview for my Creative Program Director job which I already have. Damn my boss and his weird interviews for no reason. Oh well. The only bad thing is I won't be home until after four. Which means I'll have to eat out. Insert scary music here. I'll try to find something I can stifle. But in good news, IT'S FRIDAY. And I've got a hella busy Saturday planned. Singing lesson, shopping for prom dress and my aunt's yoga class. That's a lot. But I'm excited. Okay. I think that's all for today. Going to check up on blogs and look up the sushi that I like.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There's a Hole In The World Tonight; Don't Let There Be A Hole Tomorrow

I went to Weight Watchers! Whohoo! So no one can yell at me for not going.
And I enjoyed it. My meeting leader is Diana and she showed the new people pictures of herself 80 pounds ago. Wowza.
I got started today. Yesterday, I didn't eat enough points but I also didn't exercise. So I guess it evens out. I really want to lose some weight. I'm going to do some P90X cardio as soon as I get off the computer. And then I might add on Ap Ripper X or a Jillian video. Or I might do that later. I don't know.
Oh. And at Weight Watchers I found out I weigh 221, as opposed to my scale, which tells me that I weigh 215. So I did lose weight. But I guess my scale is stupid. The day that I get under 200, I swear I will NEVER go back. I can't wait to get rid of that 2 in the hundreds place forever.
And I went to Subway today and got a bag of chips along with my 6-inch whole wheat sandwich. Holy crap. I think it was FIVE points. Yes. One bag of chips. That's disgusting. That's the last time I'm eating those things. They're good, but they're just not worth it.
And at the meeting yesterday, I found out that these aussie fry things (I've never eaten them myself and after this, I refuse to) are SEVENTY points. I didn't know something could be 70 points. How do people eat that?
Oh. I also did half an hour of Yoga Pilates. It hurts. A lot.
Also, today, I'm going to label my entire kitchen with points. I'll see what I've got to work with and see what I need to get and what I need to give away/get rid of.
I'm going to go check up on everybody's blog. Hope everyone's doing really well.


Exercised, ate a small beef patty. I wasted 6 stupid points on that stupid bag of chips. I wish I had counted before I ate. Oh well. I guess I shouldn't beat myself up over one mistake. I'll make LeanCuisine tonight for four points and still stay on target plus more than an hour of exercise altogether.
Also, I'm going to do a song of the day. I feel compelled.

Today's Song: Hole in the World by The Eagles

You should really listen to it. Here's the link:

Monday, April 20, 2009

By The Way...

Weight Watchers meeting. Tomorrow. 5 o'clock. Hold me to it. If I come back tomorrow and say that I have not gone to the meeting because I was too tired, too grumpy, etc., I want you all to yell at me and bombard me with angry and rude comments. Perhaps the thought of being bombarded will make me want to go. And tell your friends to be mean to me too.

Trying With All My Might to Stay Strong

Wow, I'm just on a roll with this lack of updates.
Last week basically sucked. I had people staying with me, so I couldn't find much time to exercise. Then I went to Maryland with school and definitely didn't have time to exercise. So last week was poop. But I'm continuing with P90X today. I did the Core Synergistics. It was really hard. I'm not thrilled with how much it hurts, but I'll deal with it. The only thing that bugs me is the food. I, personally, cannot do it. At least I haven't been able to. It's so structured and I'm still in school and I don't have time to cook AND exercise. I eat whatever my mom makes for me, which is usually pretty healthy, but it doesn't give me that P90X thrill. Those recipes make you want to exercise your brains off, because they give you so much energy. But I can't do that, because I'm eating whatever my mom makes for my dad and me. And I would feel awful to make her cook for us separately.
Now, I'm thinking the way to solve this problem is to join Weight Watchers and talk about it in a meeting. Maybe they'll have some kind of insight for me on what ingredients my mom can add into food to make it more energy boosting or fat shredding or whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing that week. Supposedly, after this week I'm supposed to have been completing the first phase. And I do feel a little bit different, I suppose. I feel a little bit stronger, I have a little bit more endurance. But because of my unorganization, I haven't really lost much weight. Hopefully, in round two, I'll be able to kick all the fat in my body. Plus with added Weight Watchers, I'll hopefully be eating right. I just don't know anymore.
This whole losing weight thing is getting me down big time. It's like ever since I've decided to lose weight, I've noticed the fact that I'm fat twice as much. It's as if I don't see my face anymore. I just see my body and everything that is wrong with it. And trust me. There is a whole lot. And I keep thinking that I'm not going to be able to do this. Because, really, what if I'm not. What if I'm going to be fat forever? I can't live with those kinds of ideas in my brain but I don't know how to stop them from happening.
Anyway, sorry for the depressing mood I may or may not have caused from this. I'm just going to keep going with P90X and try to stay strong.
Oh. And I'm also going to try to post every day again.

And what I ate today...

Breakfast- Bowl of Granola Cereal.
Snack- 2 oatmeal raisin cookies and a peach snapple (I know, I know...)
Lunch- Miso soup, dragon roll, and spicy tuna roll.
Snack- Yogurt with granola pieces and a waffle.
Dinner- Probably chicken. About to go and have some.
Overall, not awful. But I'm not feeling very energetic.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

He Gives Me Presents With His Presence Alone

So, here's the deal for today. I eat too much when I don't eat a big breakfast. For example, I ate a banana this morning. But then I ate a bag of pretzels, a twix and a kashi bar. After that I ate chicken teriyaki and a spicy tuna roll and then I'm going to have dinner, hopefully nothing too fatty.
I'm getting some really cute pink lunch boxes. And they're tiny. So hopefully it will motivate me to eat less. I have to do the Cardio X work out today. Let you know how that goes later on.
I also think I'm rejoining WW and now that I'm seventeen I don't need to have a doctor's note.
Update more later when my day's complete.

Monday, April 6, 2009


So, I haven't been bloggy again. But I do have an excuse. My show was last week and it was SPECTACULAR. But at the same time, I had my period and I had no time to diet. Within this, I still somehow lost a pound (for a late night weigh-in) of 214. This sucks a little. But I restarted the P90X workout. I can't just skip a week and expect it to work. So I started again and I now have no choise but to do it all the time because it's on my calendar. And if it's there, I must do it.

Anyway, I know what college I'm going to and I'm very happy with it. Finally. And I've got a new crush, but we're not going to talk about it because he has a girlfriend so I'm staying far, far away for now. I know, I know. That was very high school of me. The teenager in me tends to slip out once in awhile. That and I'm terribly attracted to unavailable men. FML, really.

I found this website and I think it's kind of cool. I especially like this entry right here:

It gives reviews for everything and gives other fitness tips. You guys should check it out. I'll be writing every day now. Today I did the Core Synergetics DVD and it was definitely hard and it kicked my ass. But I finished it so I guess that's something to be proud of. Tomorrow is Cardio X. Sounds fun, right? Haha. I hope not. So here's what I ate today. Not the proudest day of my life, but I'll take it.

Breakfast- Tiny baggy of cereal and a Protein Bar

Lunch- School Pizza and fries (pretty gross, I know) and a pack of Hi-Chews shared with my friend.

Dinner- Banana Pancakes (I had a craving all day because it was raining ridiculously hard and I love "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson). But they were pretty low fat. They were made with nothing but yogurt, flour, a little bit of baking soda, and an egg.

Snacks- 2 servings of Organic Pop corn topped with unsalted butter and some sea salt (both of which I added myself). Really good, mostly because the pop corn itself isn't usually that bad. It's usually the butter that gets you.
-And this little pastry, but I only ate about a fourth of it. I might have some yogurt.

That's all for today. I'm going to go catch up with everyone!