Thursday, April 23, 2009

Die Vampire Die

Hey there. So let's get this out of the way. The song of the day today is....(drumroll, please!)

Die, Vampire, Die- [Title of Show]
Yes, the theatre dork in me has come out and I am giving you a song from a musical. It's a great song. It's about people that tell you that you can't do something. The whole show is pretty good so if you ever have any extra time, download the soundtrack. It's a musical about two guys writing a musical. I know, clever.
So here's the link:

So, about my day. I cheated a little bit. BUT I tracked it. So I don't feel guilty. I ate a small slice of thin-crust pizza and half a serving of french fries. It's not ideal, but I wrote it down and still managed to stay within 29 points. And I'm not going to beat myself up about that. I also did a little bit of extra walking today to work it off at least a tiny bit.
I kind of had to do it. Life gets in the way. A friend was upset and wanted to go out for pizza. What could I possibly have said? But I don't feel guilty. Which is great.
Other than that, my mom bought me fat free milk, which is supposed to be both filling and only 2 points. Wonder how it tastes...Hm. Hope it goes good with my cereal tomorrow morning.
I ate a yogurt for snack instead of pretzels or chips today, which was good.
Oh. I also made the WW recipe for garlic chicken and brown rice. Wow. So good. And it really took about 20 minutes and that's because I'm retarded at mincing garlic and I decided to wear latex gloves so that I don't smell like garlic for the next three days like last time. But it was really good, pretty easy to make and only 7 points. Then for dinner I had a Shrimp Alfredo Lean Cuisine. I'm really loving Lean Cuisine right now. It tells me how many points I'm eating and it's easy as hell to make. It makes my life a lot easier and it's pretty good for me. My mom also bought me beef w/ broccoli and rice and I think there's some pizza in store for me too.
I need to look up how many points certain sushi rolls are. Because, for anyone who knows me, I LOVE sushi. And I'm not going to cut it out of my diet. I haven't eaten a lot of bread lately (other than the pizza obviously) which is also good.
Tomorrow I have an interview for my Creative Program Director job which I already have. Damn my boss and his weird interviews for no reason. Oh well. The only bad thing is I won't be home until after four. Which means I'll have to eat out. Insert scary music here. I'll try to find something I can stifle. But in good news, IT'S FRIDAY. And I've got a hella busy Saturday planned. Singing lesson, shopping for prom dress and my aunt's yoga class. That's a lot. But I'm excited. Okay. I think that's all for today. Going to check up on blogs and look up the sushi that I like.


Monica said...

When I saw the title, I thought it was gonna be about True Blood. LOL

I cannot wait to see your prom dress!

GF said...

I looooooooooooooove [Title of Show]! Keep workin' it girl :)