Saturday, March 7, 2009

So, yesterday totally wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. My friend's mom is wonderful and she made salad and she also cut the pizza slices in half. Super smart. And I didn't eat a lot during the day, so that was good. So, here's the intake.

Breakfast- Bowl of cereal & coffee.

Snacks- Mini rice cakes.

Lunch- Bag of chips. Boo. But it wasn't that bad, I guess. It was less than an entire meal would've cost me and it filled me up.

Dinner- Not as bad as it could've been. Half a slice of pizza, small piece of lasagna, some avocado and greens salad, and a small piece of ice cream cake. Tonight, I'm going to another birthday party. That has no eating, but possibly a lot of drinking. And I heard that beer and other alcohol has, like, a million calories. Is that true?

Anyway, this morning (like I said, my friend's mom is amazing), I had a couple of whole wheat pancakes with strawberries and blueberries. So I don't feel guilty at all.

This weekend, I have work and so much homework, and all these parties. Bahhh! Craziness. I'll probably update before I leave for the party. And thanks to everyone, for all your wonderful supportive comments. Weigh-in tomorrow! [insert scary music here]


May said...

It sounds like you did amazing, congrats! :)

Learning to be Less said...

Job well done. I do not want to be thought of as someone who condones underage alcohol consumption but I am realistic and will tell you what I have discovered. Beer bloats me unless it is like a Michelob Ultra. I prefer liqour. It alone is not bad calorie wise (but you can end up very drunk and in a bad sitaution if you only do shots). It is the mixers you put with it that add up. Therefor, I have found that drinks like Bicardi and diet coke work well.

I have hardly drank at all this past year because I prefer to eat my calories. Also, if you feel yucky the next day or so, exercise and healthy eating are not likely.

Decisions are tough. I have a feeling you will survive the weekend just fine.