Sunday, March 8, 2009


So, my show is over on April 5th, which means I'll have more time. Here are the goals that I have really quickly:

-Get hours @ work for the weekdays.
-Learn to drive.
-Join Weight Watchers [yay!]
-Do more work-out videos.

Btw, question. Has anyone ever heard of the Extreme Body Workout PX09 thing? It's, like, a bunch of workout DVDs, and is apparently intense. If you've heard of it or especially if you used it, let me know!

Oh, rest of the food intake. I ate a piece of meat with whole wheat bread and then I made myself an amazing dinner for tomorrow. It's this garlic whole wheat pasta (I didn't even know they had that!) with chicken and broccoli. I had a taste. So great. Can't wait for dinner tomorrow. And I still have some brown rice left, which I will probably eat for lunch.


May said...

My bro in law lost a LOT of weight on that Power90(I think thats what you meant?) But I cannot emphasize the FIRM videos enough, they are more designed for women and you really do see results in 10 workouts, plus if you rotate them.

Again, I can send you one if you wanna try out although for both workouts I do believe you have to purchase extras.

For the P90 workout, I believe he had to purchase weights and a pull up bar. For the Firm videos, I use the Firm Fanny Lifter and anywhere between 5lb-10 lb weights.