Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

So, basically, FML [Fuck My Life]
Today was such an awful day that I couldn't even go to rehearsal. And for me, that it is bad.

So, I wake up in the morning. Late. Fine. It's happened before. Get out of the house without eating. I realize I forgot my cell phone and my wallet. I tell my mom, who's in the car with me and I get yelled at because when I was younger, I forgot it all the time. But I haven't done it even once this year until now. Okay, fine. Whatevs. So she gives me seven dollars, yells at me some more and I walk into school. I don't have my ID card, because of lack of wallet and I have to get a temporary. Which takes forever.
I walk in and my first teacher decides it's asshole day and yells at me for being late. Then, I go downstairs and go to film class, which was the ONLY good part of my day. Then, I went to Pilates. Which could've been great. Except I forgot my friend's towel downstairs. So after going from the 2nd floor, across the school to the 1st floor and then to the 4th floor, I have to go back down to the 1st floor and then back up to the 4th floor. Then my teacher marks me late. FML. By then, I'm really tired and pilates just hurts more than anything.
Then, I go to AP Russian and I don't even have any free time. There, she confronts me about wanting to drop the class next cycle and tells me that if I want to, I have to go to the principal. Guilt trip ensues and now I have to be in school until 11:25 everyday next cycle. Boo. Then, I go downstairs and I'm almost crying by now because I am so upset at everything. And I see my friend and she tells me "I have no sympathy, because of what I've been going through." She got herself into trouble and cried for a week. And who was there to help her? Yours truly. But she has no sympathy for me. Well, gee, thanks. So I talked to my director and I went home. I walked 25 NYC blocks and now I'm here, feeling a little bit better and getting a recipe for tonight's food.
Bad, bad day. I also had iced coffee and chicken tenders. Not the best. But I didn't have a choice. I had no money and there was nothing really at home. But I did walk 25 blocks and do pilates. And I'll do Tae-bo a little later.
Thank you for reading my rant. You're wonderful.


May said...

Your friend doesnt sound like a friend to me lol I hate days like those but I like to know that Im not alone. Thanks for your wonderful comment, truly :)