Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little Doubt Goes A Long Way

So, I didn't post yesterday, mostly because I was dead tired and I didn't have the greatest day. For some reason, probably because I didn't get much sleep, I was REALLY hungry all day. I even got cranky at some point during rehearsal and people started asking me if it was okay. I explained to one girl that because I'm eating less and exercising, I'm really tired, along with homework and college apps and everything. So, basically, I was just cranky. So when I came home, I didn't binge, but I ate more than Tuesday or Wednesday. So here's that.

Breakfast: Bowl of cereal (1 serving), Coffee.

Lunch: Roll with Turkey, Tomato, Lettuce, Mozarella Cheese, and Mayo. Not the best thing EVER, but my choices are very limited when I'm in school. I also had a bowl of grapes.

Dinner: Red rice with beans again. Did not have the energy to stand up and cook something. But then, I had a cup of yogurt with bits of strawberries and cereal. Then later, I had a bowl of strawberries and this little thing of cottage cheese wrapped in thin dough.

I did pilates in the morning. Still painful, but getting better. I'm lucky I have pilates in school, right? Anyway, then I went on the treadmill and burned 203 calories, but I didn't run as long as I usually do, only because I was really tired.
So, the lesson I think that was learned from yesterday is that I can't expect to exercise and eat less while barely sleeping at night. It just won't happen. So today I stayed home and I just woke up at 11:30. Caught up on my sleep. Haven't eaten yet. Gonna go after this post.

So, that's that. Today, is my friend's birthday party and I'm sleeping over. There will be a lot of food there. And no treadmill or pilates. Not good. At all. I'm going to have to eat very small portions. We're most likely eating pizza. So I guess I'll eat half a slice? I don't know. We'll see what happens.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented and gave me advice! I think I've got my question figured out. Exercise any time can't hurt. Eating a lot before bed not good. Eating a little, depends on how you're feeling.


May said...

Hi! :) I hope you have fun at your sleepover, I miss those! And dont fret, eat a little of whatever you want and eat slowly! Just be extra careful the rest of the weekend!