Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

I hate the rain right now. It's on my hit list. It's been raining and cloudy for the entire week and not only has it got me totally down and sleepy, but I also haven't been able to do my walks outside. So, yesterday, I did yoga/pilates, while watching One Tree Hill and that was after I already did Jillian Level 2. That crap hurts. I did it again too and I don't think I'm going to do it two days in a row ever again. Because I'm working the same muscles over and over again and it's taking a toll on my body. You're supposed to work different muscle groups every day and I can't afford to have my muscles dead for Thursday when I have my personal trainer. So I'm going to chillax tomorrow and either go on the treadmill or just walk around (depending on the weather).
So I'm walking to my Weight Watchers meeting in a few. And I really need a good weigh-in today. I think I did well. But I'm still always nervous. Because things happen and I had my monthly friend this week. Damn her.
Um, what else? Oh yeah. Biggest Loser tonight! I'm so excited! And my final exam is tomorrow. And then I'm going to a Yankee game. So I've got an exciting couple of days coming up!
I'll update after my WW meeting and I'll talk about my loss/gain.


So, WW wasn't amazing. BUT I am proud of myself for something. First of all, I lost .4 pounds, which is, like, nothing. But I had my monthly friend. And my monthly friend usually KILLS me. I usually gain at least two pounds. The fact that I lost .4 (and possibly more since I was wearing jeans and a sweater this week) with my monthly friend is pretty amazing to me. Other than that, I've also reached the five pound mark! And my next mark is 5%. Six pounds to go! I walked to my WW meeting, which was also great. Well, during the walk, I wanted to kill someone because I felt like I was walking too slow and then when I sped up, my legs hurt and then argh. But afterwards, I was so happy that I'd made it that far that the pain and the annoyance didn't get to me.
This WW meeting came at the perfect time. It was about positive thinking. She gave us this really cute poem about gardens and gave us each a carnation. It was adorable. And one of the biggest things in the meeting was that you have to pull all the weeds out of your "garden" no matter how many times they grow back in the worst places. It was all very metaphorical and I enjoyed it.


Monica said...

Hello precious!

I liked level 2 of the shred waaay better than level 1 lol but I agree, not two days in a row. I cannot wait to hear how it goes with the PT. Mine kicks my ass!

I wonder who will be the last to go on BL tonight...I feel bad but I hope its Helen. She just shouldnt get any skinnier.

Rebecca said...

I am delighted you're in for the Five Week Frenzy! If you would like me to report your progress with mine each Monday please shoot me an email with your starting weight today and email each Monday morning with your current weight.

You can find my email on my profile page if you click the contact button. Here's to that next ten pounds Acting Skinny!

Jade said...

Great job with your weigh-in!