Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Love My PT

So, today I went to see Lawrence again. It was my second free session. He may have kicked my ass, but I did end up wanting to pay for 25 sessions up front, which means this story has a happy ending.
So, last time, I came in with Converses, which are the devil. And today, I came in with new shoes. Which are worse the devil, because I almost cried from the intense pain in my feet. Those were my mom's. But he told me to get New Balance. So I'm going to get New Balance and I'm going to break those things in 'till the end of the dawn before Thursday. Because my feet were killing me. And we had to stick with mostly arms and upper leg exercises, which let me tell you, didn't make my face any less red or make me sweat any less, lol.
So, there was this one thing that he asked me to do. He rolled me a 5kg thing that looked like a basketball and asked me to throw it over the pull-up bar. The trick was I had to be sitting when he rolled me the ball and when I stood up, that was when I could throw it.
Basically, that was really really hard. First, because I'm not really that good at regular basketball. Second, because that thing was heavy as hell. At first, I kept hitting the bar and covering my head when it bounced back towards me. Eventually, I got it over those ten times. Then I went to do something else and then we started the circuit over again and I got back to that basketball thing with a mental goal that I would get it over every single time of the ten...

And I did. Which was the greatest feeling ever, because I set my mind to it and I did it. Yes, it hit the bar a couple of times, but it went over regardless all ten times on the first try. And it was great.

So he told me that he's going to present me with a "challenge" every time I come in and that sometimes, it's going to be tougher than I can believe and that sometimes, I'll be okay to do it. This is the part where the BL-loving part of my mind takes over and I get really excited. So we'll see what my challenge is next week.

Then he told me that I could either stop now or I could pay for the two lessons and keep going, depending on whether or not I want to continue. Obviously, I told him I wanted to continue. He also sat me down and told me that if at anytime during the week, I'm feeling really down, like I don't want to do this anymore, to call him and that he'll talk to me, any time of day, regardless of when and try to motivate me. Hence the title "I Love My PT." He's not one of those trainers--come in, do the work, get out. He wants to help even when I'm not there. And he answers all my questions a million times over.

Food intake was not the best, but after the session, I found myself to be RIDICULOUSLY hungry. But I'm okay now. And I'm stopping. I think I went over by 2 or 3 points, but I put them in my extra 35.


Monica said...

Your trainer sounds just like mine! He lets me text him any time of day, he lets me work out for free sometimes. He has become an actual friend that WANTS me to succeed! And my trainer also told me to get New Balance. But Im a brat, I went and got Nike instead.

Im so happy for you :)

Stormy Vawn Bradley said...

im excited 4 u. u go girl. keep moving 2ward ur goals. WTG...