Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dress Pants.

I have not been able to wear dress pants since last year. I dont' remember the last time I could wear them and be okay with it. And today, I had to wear dress pants for the open house. And I was really annoyed and scared. But just now, I put on dress pants and they fit. And it's one of the happiest moments I've had.
Update more when the day actually begins.


So, today was a pretty good day overall. Except I am pissed as hell at my boss. I put all this time and effort into the open house. I did absolutely everything right, despite my being seventeen and having no experience. Everyone told me I did a great job. Unfortunately, he barely marketed the event and not a lot of people showed up. So my hard work was practically for nothing. The kids that did come had an amazing time. I just wish there were more of them.
Like, I hate that. He puts all this pressure on me but does absolutely nothing himself. And he's the professional here. I'm practically a baby.
Alright, whatever. So interesting news. I emailed Ron Morelli. I got his email address off of the South Lyon website and emailed him. I know that my investigating abilities are really creepy. But regardless, that's how I know it's really him. And I told him about how I want to lose weight and whatever. And he was SO sweet. He told me to never stop trying and not to hate myself and not to beat myself up if I have a bad day and that it looks like I'm on my way to a good start. And it was just really nice of him. And I asked him to pass my email on to Mike (eeek!) and hopefully he says he will. And he also said to keep in touch. Basically, it was a nice moment. And I might get killed for this, but the brown team was always one of my favorites, because they both had SO MUCH to overcome. And they fought. And I respect that. Especially Mike. I mean, he broke the record for the fifteenth week. The poor guy must've sweat blood the way he worked. And Ron was just so unhealthy and he's really brought himself back to a normal level. It's crazy how hard the two of them had to work and I'm glad they did it. So that was super exciting.
Other than that, I didn't get to work out because I had a million and a half things to do. But tomorrow, I'm going to kick my own ass. Really hard. I'm going to do Level 2 Shred and run on the treadmill. "This ain't no game" as one of my best friends would say, lol.
Oh! More exciting news! My mom is giving me a present: A personal trainer. The problem is taht I'm going to have to shop around and really find the one that I want. Because my biggest qualification for this personal trainer is: Be Jillian Michaels. No, I'm kidding. But basically, I need someone who will NOT feel bad for me even if I cry or scream. And I need someone who will not let me stop even if I'm begging. So I'll have to find someone heartless, basically.
That's all for today. AP Test tomorrow! Eek!